Wednesday, January 21, 2015


A woman’s heart is so fragile
Who knows what a man can do to it?
A man can either romance it
Make it bigger
Or eat it
And save other men from her pain

Love is like an apparition
Before we marry the woman rules
After we marry the man rules
But a woman is more powerful than a man
Little wonder
She can break or mar
A man without his chisel

But in fury the man is a danger
Of other men and the women at large
He must be a beast to have beaten a woman
Everybody knows the woman is weaker

Wait, what about the crime of the woman?
Maybe you don’t know some women beat their men
In that instance, the man is a fool
He’ll be a monkey in the sight of all
That was my tale, when I married Anita

I never said I courted a demon
To me, she was the saint
And I, the demon
Little wonder
When the prophets came
I willingly declared; I was the devil

I'd gladly give my life for her
Even if the truth we all see
Yet she’ll overcome me with her weakness
She’d drag me to hell
She’ll say I’m even the devil
After all, no man will believe me

© Enigmatic Olumide
21.05.14. 11:30-11:40am

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