Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Just looking at the hullabaloo, both in our polity and in a few private lives around me lately, I could easily say of my brethren and I that the future may become bleak if in our weak state of mind we still could not muster the courage to take the bull by its horn and move to the next level; despite our unsatisfactory disposition to the prevalent events in our environment.

Nigeria as a country was recently described by a man of God as a nation who is beginning to experience civil unrest when it is beginning to calm down in other nations. (Though I hope Nigerians are that bold to take their outcry to the next level like other nations) I would say the outcry of Nigerians in Diaspora to protest the malicious acts of the government is something that rose as a result of frustration from the audacious parasitic acts of those who rule the nation. Sadly, it’s not in government alone that we find this ruinous acts; it happens in families, workplace, and even religious bodies. It saddens my heart to note that some of our so called CEOs are threatening their workers with sack if they refuse to work during the fuel subsidy strike. And I wonder if it is too much for people to fight for their right? They want us to protect their own interest by giving them our 100% devotion in the place of work, but have they ever taken the time to consider how we survive?

I recently declined an excessive instruction by someone I work with, whom somehow I wonder why others fear, and I found it so disgusting when a colleague was backbiting that I shouldn’t have done that. Does she expect me to give 100% devotion to someone who cares less about how I survive after I told him I had a personal issue I must attend during Xmas holyday? (You’d be amazed when the same person complain about this man’s excesses whenever he does things that affect her negatively) Such is the same situation we experience as a nation: and I was not surprised to hear a few folks clamouring for the ongoing strike to stop yesterday, when actually they know so well the negative efficacy of it.

Maybe you are not feeling me yet. But pondering farther makes me remember a revelation that kept recurring to me lately: I saw something like a tsunami in Lekki (Lagos) where I live. In the revelation I realised the tsunami did not affect other parts of Lagos and I wanted to get there. But I could not fathom how I could since I do not know how to swim. Even if I could swim, I knew the risks of swimming that kind of water is to get drown. Yet the water level was rising and it was becoming obvious that the high-rise building I and some other people ran into for safety may be covered with water in few moments... It was while writing this article that I got the meaning of that revelation, which was what I did in one of the recurring revelations: the only way forward was to walk on that water!

Either you’re a Nigerian or not, maybe your own challenge is in your job, marriage, finance, or ministry... what God is saying is that you need that kind of faith that walk on water as if it is dry land (Hebrews 11:1). It is the kind of faith that Daniel’s friends used with king Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 3:16-18); that kind of faith that says, “If I perish I perish!” I don’t know who you are or what you are going through, but I know you need that kind of Revolutionary faith. You need the kind of faith that will make you walk on water!

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