Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I bet you would agree with me that everything has a starting time. There is always a first time. Huh? A little boy who was just beginning to walk was dancing in my church some days ago and I could see the thrill in the eyes of all who saw him. But his family members were not really thrilled; they just laughed it off. Apparently, it was not the first time they would see that, but they enjoyed it all the same. Who knows, that boy could become one great dancer in the future and not even him would know that gift has always been in him.

I could remember how my dad used to scold me in primary school age, when I used to draw, make cartoons, and gather my peers to tell those stories... Well, I’m still aspiring to be among the greatest story tellers in the world yet, so let me pick something else. At least I’ve gained a few commendations in some quarters as a Poet: maybe I should talk about my Poetic gift. Ever since 1994, when I started writing songs, I’ve always added some “poetic effect” to my statements, but I never wrote down a poem on paper until 1999. Thank God I met another Poet who encouraged me to be keeping a record of my poems about two years later: Do you know I’ve recorded about 1000 poems since then?

What I’m I saying? Every great achievement starts with just a single step: If I did not write down a poem on paper for the first time, I may never have recorded those 1000 poems! Yes, back to other gifts, if I leave my story writing skills untouched I may never achieve my dream of being among the greatest writers in the world.

You have your dreams and ambitions: I have mine... All I’m saying is that it is high time we took a step forward: If we just pray and don’t act, nothing will happen. To get our desired change, we need to take a step in the direction of the change!


  1. Thank u sir for this wonderful piece. you are awaking a gift that is long dead in me and that my writing skills. am greatful

    1. Thanks sis. I'm glad God used my work to do that on you.