Thursday, February 28, 2013



You said I looked like Dagrin
Why not Tuface or MI, I wondered
But I never knew you meant I was ugly
Until you told me Dagrin was ugly

Whoever told you that; I don’t know
Maybe you never met a fine boy before

Funny how life plays her tricks on us
With my money you called me honey
Moulding me into the finest treasures you imagined
When it was gone you went gory
Making my heart bleed till I left for Miami

Now I am back; I wish I never knew you
Cos you’re back at the beautiful moments again
But for sanity I fear I might be dreaming
The virginity you used to keep you’ve lost to Phillips
You said he was your manager but I feared
Now I understand he funds your pants too

No need to cry; I’m gone for good
Finally I met a girl who is finer than you
I’ve gotten married and our baby is coming soon
Maybe when he comes I’ll send his pix to you
To let you know you could have been…
… the mother of my kids

(w) 24.02.13. 8:15-8:30pm

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