The Enigmatic: Olumide Bisiriyu is a lover of creativity. Often times he has been described by close allies as a melancholy who always wants to drive away from the status quo. Gentle and easy going, you would take him for someone who could not “deliver” until you place him in that position where he could show what he has inside of him. This personality of doing things he wasn’t expected to be able to do was what earned him the name: Enigmatic.

    Once a dancer but presently more of a Performance Poet/Actor, Olumide is a multi-gifted person who has taken time to study himself and know his strongest skills are writing and acting. He also sings, counsels, and consults for people who want to utilize/develop their talents. He started utilizing his gifts when he was about six years old; then he would gather his peers to tell them stories. His focus is to inspire as many lives as possible in a positive way with his gifts. 

    So far he has written over a thousand poems, lost count on his fiction/stories, recorded a 7-track music album (from his over 65 written songs) that gained few airplays on Nigerian radio stations, and published a book titled ‘Recovered Generation’. Among other feats, he was:

  •          President of Photo club, Gaskiya College: 1998
  •          PRO, RCF, The Polytechnic Ibadan (Saki): 2001
  •          Director, De Revolution Dance group, The Polytechnic Ibadan (Saki): 2001-2003
  •          Drama Director, RCF, The Polytechnic Ibadan (Saki): 2002
  •          Drama/Music Director, RCCF (Katsina State): 2008 Batch A
  •          Director, NYSC Dance and Drama Troupe, Katsina State: 2008 Batch A
  •          First Corps member to Publish a book from North West Nigeria (According to National Library of Nigeria): 2009
  •          His Blog (The Enigmatic) was nominated as ‘Most Inspiring Blog’ in Nigerian Blog Awards 2011.
  • ·         His Blog (The Enigmatic) was also nominated as ‘Best Personal Blog’ in Nigerian Blog Awards 2012.

    As an Estate surveyor, he has worked in all major aspects of the real estate profession: Real Estate agency, Property valuation, Property Development, and Property management. The 2 dissertations he wrote while in school “Critical Review of Housing Situation...” were typical to his direction in the Real Estate profession. His career goal has always been to cause solution to problems through personal reasoning and research.
    You can reach him on +2347025734547 or the following social media:
  • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/olumide.bisiriyu,
  • http://www.facebook.com/groups/eternalorder
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/enigmaticedi

    To find more about him please visit The Enigmatic website. Or mail him on enigmaticedi@yahoo.ca


  1. Hello fellow campaigner! As a member of the nonfiction group (otherwise known as #53), I wanted you to know I will be featuring you on my blog during the campaign period. Every Friday from 9/23 through 10/28, I will feature several of the writers from our group. This will include a link to your site (the same link you used when joining the campaign) as well as an excerpt from your About Me page. Be sure to check my blog to see when you are featured. I will be going through the list in order.

    You can visit my blog at http://thewriterrevived.com

    I look forward to getting to know you and your work, and helping others get to know you as well!

    Happy Campaigning!
    Elizabeth Flora Ross


  2. Thank you 'The Mom Pledge'. Will sure look out for it. You got a nice work going on your blog; keep it up. :)