Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A prisoner I am
Without chain or handcuff
Eyes roving wide
I dare not cross the line
Messed up
Threatened and crushed
I lay hold on to life
Hoping my survival was all it takes
Now many years gone
I’ve been forgotten in hell 
The road to paradise
I crave
But the chain of my mind I slave
When politicians march
I stand on the roof to cheer
Making me a lower god
When I should be the real god
A prisoner I am
In my conscience for my mind is stained
My vocal cords have been cut
With the money I crave
In a day I finished the pay
But in ages they kept me at bay
Eating my meal
In addition to their filled will
Crushing the bones
Not giving me the crumps to feed
Pointing their guns at my skull
While my fellow protesters scram 
If only I see
I’d known this darkness no more
Claiming my right
Making my masters pay
For the riots, the dead, and the slain
And for sanity
In a land where we’ve become mum
(w) 03.03.13.  3:15-3:20pm

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