Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Maybe it was a knowing that Poets were argued to be the most intelligent in the creative industry due to their deep thoughts. Maybe it was just in the blood... I guess many poets may not care if this piece is true or not.
Some time ago, a fellow poet was speaking to me about another poet and he was complaining that this other poet was too proud. Apparently because I relate with this other poet, I told him the poet is not proud because I know him. After some days, I remembered I have once been seen as proud from afar too. It took years, when my ‘accuser’ who was not a poet got closer to me, before she confessed to me that she was wrong in her earlier opinion of me. Likewise, I have once thought of another poet to be proud too, but on remembering these, I concluded that none of us is proud. We are just exhibiting our natural traits: reflections, calmness, confidence in assurance of the fact that we know who we are!
When I first met the poet I ‘accused’, I was almost acting like I was forcing myself to be his friend. Of course, I believed he was more popular than me. Later, after about a year, when this poet saw me perform at some events in Lagos, he began to draw closer, but somehow I found myself drawing back. I guess he must have thought I am proud too!
Lol. After spending few years near poets since I recorded my first poem on paper, I have come to realise that most poets don’t jump around anyhow. They are not usually extroverts. They are calm. Though many of them are shy, they exude some form of confidence that any other creative person does not have. If however they tend to stand aloof, in my own opinion, it is as a result of the many efforts to be seen as important in a creative industry where they are not really seen as important.

NB: in response to my friend who ‘accused’ a fellow poet of being proud.
(w) 8.03.13. 2:55pm