Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I AM...

I see you everyday
Even when I claim not to care
I care
But you eye from afar
And I frown
For the laughter we shared
In the times we faired
Only to go again
And tag me insane

It's not pride
It's a state of knowing
When you see me this way
And wonder what goes on in my mind
Look no further
Let me help your thinking cap

I am the oracle
I say a word
But you hear words
Like my father
Who calls you once
But you answer twice
You shiver when you see celestial creations
But you refuse to hear words of the creator
Must He come down to save your sinful soul?
If He comes, you'd all be gone

I am the voice of he in the wilderness
No. Not the one who eats locusts and bees
But the one whose eyes have seen the misdeamenour of man
I call the shots
And all obey
Little wonder, I am a god
Preparing the way for a bigger God
Saying Come
The fun you feel in this world is nothing compared to the world beyond

I am the wordsmith
Whose lines are like darts
So small but with the effect of an arrow
You think I'm bragging?
Ask my father
For He alone gives strength when you are weak
Making the weak say they are strong
Even when the strong gets weaker
For their pride and thinking they can't be tamed
Untill the Master puts them to shame
I am the messenger
Of the new order
To bring eternal order
To the lives whose minds are stained
Causing salvation where you find commotion
Unlike NEPA, I shed no light
I am just a reflection of the grace you found in me
Nevertheless I claim not to be a saint
I am still a man
Like you and them

(w) 26.3.13. 9:00-9:30Am


  1. hnmmmm. Messenger of the new order, bringing Salvation where there is Commotion

  2. Nice piece.However,the gravity of your thought as regards contemporary new order is meltdown by "NEPA."All in all,kudos to the pen that dispels bitter veracity.