Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dear God,

It's me again and I must confess that boys are not smiling.

It's been a month since I last talked to you, and I wonder, you’re not asking of me shows you don't really care about me. If you don't see me can't you at least look for me?

I know you will want to claim the oga at the top; hence I should be the one looking for you. But really I'm tired of seeking your face every now and then without ever seeing your glimpse. You said we should talk to you in prayer, but I have loads of request I made of you that you have refused to answer. Worse still, when I thought you have answered, I realize moments later that you had nothing to do with it. An example was when I went to Katsina state thinking you were leading me not to change my NYSC posting... How come I spent a whole year without having a good job there? Your word says what you give you add no sorrow to it, but why is it that I had a mass of sorrow in that place? Why is it that even when I was made executive in a Christian fellowship I realised most of us do not understand one another and we kept having discord like the set before us?

Now you will say again that we can't question you, but really there are questions in my head that even you can't answer: like why you allowed my elder brother to die even when all my family fasted and prayed for him to live; and why you stand aloof allowing corrupt politicians to eat the wealth of my nation like gluttons even when the church pray against them. Now I think the reason you don't want us to ask you question is because you don't know the answer!

I may not be able to say somethings here, because I don't trust the postmaster. My friends have talked about the earlier letters I wrote to you, that they’ve read them. And I don’t want them to see the things I would have said here. But I'm tired of seeing unfortunate things happening to me. Like the situation in my job, my ministry, and my family; the temptations I face and the struggle to survive. If indeed you are God, let there be answers to my requests like you do to pastor Adeboye, Oyedepo, and other people who follow you. Let my life be so sweet that bitterness will not be found in me.

Thank you for your anticipated reply.

With regards,

Your angry worshipper


  1. I feel your pain, bruv. In time. In time (I hope).

  2. From the aboundance of the heart the mouth... and the hand... HE'S the only one that have the answers and i've never seen Him failing those who put their trust in him. HE CARES!

  3. This prayer is a serious one ooooo. The truth is God is never late for anything, he is always in time. He has answered all your prayers. You did not noticed it because he answers prayers in three ways. 1. Yes, I give you what you want. 2. No, this is not my plan for you. 3. Wait, The time is not ripe or I have a better plan in due season. keep praying bro. God answers all prayers

  4. You have just written here my exact thoughts, Right this minute, I am an Angry Worshipper too! I ask all these questions... right now I'm trusting God and I think I might be getting tired... yet I still feel the need to hold on... Its well

    1. Thanks MISSLARA. You gave me the most cherished comment so far. He is God, and in his creativity, He makes verything beautiful in its time!

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    1. Dear Angry worshiper,
      I understand your thoughts as I have also passed situations like this and come out of it. One things is certain, Our OGA at the top is always right and he loves us more than we can ever Imagine. I am sure you all agree with this but it seems the love is not showing up.
      Well, from my experience I would say, The problem was with me and not with our Oga at the Top.When I realized that he has blessed me with everything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of him that has called us to virtue, I decided I must be having a knowledge Gap.
      The difference between people that get results and those that do not, is the knowledge they have and how they apply it.
      To get the results I desired, I simply discounted all I thought I knew, I located people that had the results and simply emulated them.
      I got the much needed results and I understood a lot of confusing things about their methods later. I realized that they got their methods from Oga at the top , Life and Direct, and so I learnt how to hear oga at the Top Life and Direct too.
      Trust me, It has been Blissful. Prayers get answered sharply.
      As regards the country, If you have consulted Oga at the top on the country matter, he would have shown you some things. I live that to you to do Bros.
      I hope I was able to pass a point across, without being a critic. I gave it my best
      Looking forward to me seeing a write up about a turn around and how some things are now clear.

    2. Dear Engr Akintoye Asaolu,

      I really appreciate your comment. And I trust that the Angry Worshiper(s) will heed your advice. Meanwhile, please take time to pray for we all (Association of Angry Worshipers). To be candid, it's not that we do not believe in the sovereignity and creativity of God; it's just that we are human, and at times the answer may the right before us yet we do not see it.

      Once again, thank you for being the first 'angel' God will use to address our issues.

      With regards,

      Spokesman for the Association of Angry Worshipers.