Keep me inspired
So I could keep aspiring
To be what I want to be
In this world of chaos

Keep the doors of my life closed
To the aimless wanderers
Who step into my life
Like a parasite to the brain
Only to eat their piece of cake
And leave me away in drain

Open my eyes to the windows
That knows the secrets of the world
So I could see the ways of the wise
As well as those of the poor
In order to strike a balance
And not be lost in this world

Finally let me lay down to rest
Relaxed and gentled
Knowing this poetic window
Has spoken something that was missing
Into the life a soul

And when accounting time comes
Let me be bold to say I worked
And wasn’t lazing away in the world
When some folks need me to touch their world
And speak a word of renewal
With the talents you have blessed me to work

(c) The Enigmatic: Olumide Bisi’ Edimulo. 29.07.11. 11:15-11:30pm


It’s spiritual
When a man mounts the podium
And utters some revelations
Like a river divine
Flowing from a source that never runs dry
And giving life to those who are passing by
Even when we look down and say Poetry is non-essential
Don’t you think it’s a life giver to those who are able to think wide?

It’s spiritual
When my pastor speaks
And I stay glued to my sits
Hearing His thunderous voice as if a volcano could speak
And hitting my head like some hammer I could not explain
Saying Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand
And no man knoweth when death knocks on the door
But I got no envy for those who become Pastors
I do not want it cos I know what it takes
Nevertheless the mission I’m given is that which I must fulfil
And I would not want to be another Jonah in the belly of a fish

It’s spiritual
When I recite my Poetry
Knowing that this is not from my thoughts
But from a fountain that fills my world
With grace so everlasting that I can’t deny
Which makes me to always want to come back again
To tell you a poem that will sooth your soul
Either you believe my report or not is not the point
My mission is to tell you my story-and then I take my leave

It’s spiritual
When you understand the true source of Poetry
Knowing that it is not a thing for the mere men
Either love science fiction or romance
Poetry is a language of the gods
After all-the Bible says we are gods
Just like our Father who art in Heaven!

(c) The Enigmatic: Olumide Bisi’ Edimulo. 03.01.12. 12:30-12:45Pm


Like a toy soldier,
We were pushed to the war front,
Some gave up on the way,
Some fell by the enemy’s bullet,
Yet, all in all,
We were all tools in your hand.

Like a toy soldier,
You gather us together,
Each serving different functions,
Some for good, and some for bad,
Some to serve as example to others,
Yet at the peak of our life,
We will eventually realise,
You have always been our director,
We were actors in a play.

Like a toy soldier,
We have always moved like zombie,
When those in front fall,
We never take lessons,
We still fall for the mistake of our fathers.

Like a toy soldier,
Those who do not have life,
Who cannot even rule their own homes,
Have always been the ones that rule us,
Those who actually could make things happen,
Prefar to stay put like a monkey,
And watch in entertainment, our degraded economy,
Unwanted children fill our homes,
Hungry mouths cry for help,
Innocent bloods are still being shed,
Yet nobody seemed to care,
As long as they make their living.

Like a toy soldier,
When I look at others,
I really wished I could copy them,
Yet on a second thought,
When I take a closer look,
I found out, they were already copying me.

Like a toy soldier,
I may not have the life I desire yet,
I may even feel unhappy with myself now,
Yet I chose to add meaning to other lives,
By making my own life relevant.

(c) The Enigmatic: Olumide Bisi’ Edimulo. 06-06-10.3:00-3:25Pm


If a man could blush I’d blush
But a man should show no emotion
So I would just smile and holla back
Knowing fully well that you got my back
The woman of my dreams
The pride of my life

Just a second closure of my eyes
And it would seem as though I dream of thee
Yet like fantasy I’d wish to wake no more
For the love you give is sweeter than honey
And thy taste on my lips makes me thirst no more
If at all I could go back to yester years
I’d wish I’ve known you since the day I was born
For your thought alone inspire my world
And makes me see revelations as if in a trance

Hey! Don’t you think I’ve been transformed by you?
This was the same me whom you greeted at the park
Nine years ago was like yesterday
And I felt like eating you cos you look like ice cream
But I could not come near because you were like sugar cane
And the flock of ants around thee was like you’d be eaten up
Now here we are together again
None of them was even able to eat thee up

I stand here alone like Jacob digging the well of Rehoboth

(c) The Enigmatic: Olumide Bisi’ EdiMulo. 19.01.12. 5:25-5:35pm