The Eternal ORDER ministries is a gathering of people from different background and denomination, who have come together to use their gifts and life experiences to affect souls positively for God, worldwide. Though the ministry was called through Olumide Bisiriyu in July 2001, we started working together, like a family in April 2002, in Saki, Oyo State, Nigeria. Then, most of us were students of The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria. We started with Writing articles and pasting them in public places, singing in concerts, doing Drama, and we Dance a lot because most of us were dancers then. The Basic thing about us is that we have the desire to use the gifts/talents God gave us to bless/inspire other people; that’s why you may find in our midst Preachers, Motivators, Writers, Singers, Poets, Actors, Prayer Champions, Dancers, etc. It’s like using what we do to charge others up to fulfill a call: we believe there is no end to the ways we can bless/inspire other people’s lives for God, and that’s why our Slogan reads “Gospel Unlimited!” (Ecclesiastes 9:10).

So far the activities of the ministry include:

• Bi-monthly meeting: where we charge ourselves (since year 2002)
KINDLE: a monthly inspirational publication (since year 2002)
Ministrations/Performances in Music, Drama, and Poetry (since 2002)
Annual New-year/Mid-year Retreats (since year 2004)
• End of Year Picnic/Awards: our time for celebrating achievements for the year (since 2005)
ORDER sms: a monthly inspirational/motivational text message (since year 2009)
On line messages (facebook.com, since year 2010)
• And this blog, The Enigmatic, (since 2010)

One peculiar thing about us is the ability to give people different option to express themselves/associate with the ministry. We have just 3 levels of Membership in the ministry:

1. ETM: Otherwise known as End time Machineries. They take the pain to participate in every activity of the ministry, no matter the time, location, or inconvenience. There used to be times that those who are leaders in the ministry now used to travel inter-state for just a 2 hours meeting (Those who know us well would testify that God rewards us for that).

2. FTM: Otherwise known as Friends of the ministry. They constitute those who have the ministry at heart but could not take the sacrifice of availability, either because of distance or other issues. They are usually present in our retreats and End of year Picnic.

3. PARTNERS: They partner with us in what we do, financially, morally, and prayerfully.

If you will like to know what makes us unique it is the fact that we don’t pretend to be “Holier than thou” before God... We come to Him as we are, without sentiment or condemnation for anybody, our number one desire is to make you a better person just as we are striving to become better too. That’s why we do Christian Issues Discussion (CID) in our meetings.