Thursday, February 14, 2013

CAKE or GRAPES; guest post by Ateli Opuiyo

As I sit down quietly confronted by both of you

Smiling with this look of guilt, because I’m so confused

The fear of losing one of you comes straight to my head

I get an uneasy feeling, a feeling I really dread


I reminisce of the past…

Experiences, both good and bad…

Days when things went wrong…

But in different ways they made me glad


Kate was my love, then later my addiction

With her I was God, with little or no restrictions

Almost like Saul, when he slayed Christians

Or King Solomon with his wisdom and riches


But Grace made me happy and therefore healthy

Right from the first time I saw her, I wanted her desperately

With her in front of me, I felt confidently

Like I could fly to mars, no mercury


Now I’m confronted by the two, who do I choose?

I’m contemplating, who do I lose?

Don’t want to pick wrongly and at the end be a fool

God why must I pick one? Why not pick you two?


But the moment finally comes for my decision

Even my brother closely watches, like he’s on a mission

He impatiently whispers, Ateli pick one quickly

You’re making a big deal out of this, when there isn’t one really


Then I realized with their names I’ve made a mistake

Because sometimes, with names I tend to exaggerate

So I stare deep at Kate and Grace right on my plate

Then correct myself and ask, Cake or Grapes which do I take?
Ateli Opuiyo has been dubbed the guy with the mind of a genious in Eternal Order Network: this was his first attempt at Poetry.

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