Thursday, February 7, 2013


The rhyme that rocks my head like a boat
Scattering my faculty like a kid play the puzzle
Bringing something out of nothing
Yet making sense out of no sense
I could jump into the street like I want to woo a lady
Making gesticulations like a bird caught in the trap of a live-wire
But without the words I could just be like a pendulum going forth and back

The arrow we shoot into the air
Not knowing it surpasses the strength of any biological weapon
Words build a nation, words kill a nation
Words make alive and words break like egg shells spilled on German floors
Words were the tools Hitler used to conquer Austria
Words were the tools I use to show my love to you
Words were the tools Obama used to conquer the whites
Words were the tools I use like a Poet
Dishing out my lines and making them sink into your bone marrows
Words were the tools I use like a God
Calling those things that be not as though they were
Words were the tools our fathers used to mate our mothers
Without the words we can neither be here nor ear

The fruit of my brain that makes me come to you
My eyes could see your beauty
My legs could walk me to your side
But without the words how could I ever express the longings of my heart
Baby if you don’t love me
The sun will still shine in the place of the moon
The earth will still be rotating in the solar system
But my life could be like gold ring in the nostrils of a pig
They say money makes the world go round
The little I have I give- my words
If indeed it’s true, let my words make my love the fuel that runs in your world

The skill so rare though many of us speak
The skill that every lover has got to have
Yet no matter how much I use my words on you
I still long to use more of them on you

(w) 17.01.13. 11:00-11:45pm