Monday, January 28, 2013


I stand here in anger
By the gate to your grave
Wondering why I shuld even visit
When your dissapointment swells in my vein
Need I to say I'm vexed?
For your failed strength in the face of death
You made us all lose beyond your loss
Spending all our fortune just to aid your fight
But seeing you already gave up the fight to live
Even though you smile down at our ignorance
Of how things are better up there and we suffer here
I fume because you could have lived
At least to share your dreams with we who care
To see you become the potential we all see in you
Cursed be the date death was born
He who takes away our youths in their prime
Leaving us to wallow in tears for what they could have wroth
Making those who live remember he comes anytime
Creating a balance between the rich and the poor
Yet making a bias about whom to kill
For some old folks live long and long to die
Yet death passes by them only to kill the young
I stand here by your grave
In my mind, not on your plot
You are no longer in the casket anyway
But your memory forever lives in my heart
Where it is buried and I visit once again
To tell you how much I have missed you
He whom death stole while we all watched
Living us the memory of how he bade goodbye
(w) 21.01.13. 10:20-10:40am
...In remembrance of my late brother, Bolanle Abidemi Bisiriyu (24.08.76-25.01.06)


  1. Hmmm...Death!
    a respecter of none
    a necessity for all

    this write-up says a tells,how you tried to keep him,how you felt when he finally left and how you still have him in you memory.
    am sure he would be very proud of your efforts and the great things you have done after his demise.

    I pray his gentle soul finds comfort at the other side of life.

    1. Amen. Nice comment Felix. I pray we all live a good life so as to smile when we get to the other side of life.

  2. In this I see the pains and it brings back memories of one we also lost to death in my family.

    May the good God continue to grant him eternal rest.