Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Empty. Abandoned.
I hope I will ever make sense.
Redeemed. Confused.
I thread paths sages rarely thread.
I groan. I cry.
My legs could carry me no more.
I wish. I died.
But I wake again to face this race.
I’ve dreamed. I’ve tried.
Running with these horses makes me faint.
Rejected. Refired.
I run alone to win this race.
Envisioned. Unwrapped.
My trophy stares me in the face.

(w) 19.11.12. 9:20-9:30am
for those who walk alone because they thread uncommon paths.


  1. Hey, it's good to read from you again. I love the poem...keep it up and don't give up

    1. Thanks Ife. Will keep your advice in mind. :)

  2. nice one bro..... keep it up and i love ur performance on sunday more grace

    1. Amen. Well, I actually felt I didn't perform well that day. Thanks Yemi.

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