Thursday, December 22, 2011


Dear Mummy,

How are you, daddy, and my siblings? I trust you are all doing well.

I am glad to tell you I am coming home for Christmas. Not just that; I am glad to tell you I finally found a wife and I am bringing her home.

I guess you'll remember how much I have waited for this day. Indeed, God makes everything beautiful in its time as the scripture says: I find so much peace in her and I can't wait till the day we get married; I'm already calling her my wife. For 8 years I kept my eyes on her, never knowing she's actually going to be mine, and it was such a coincidence that she agreed to be mine on the 8th day of December. The big question I've been asking myself is ‘how did I get such a very beautiful wife who is still well behaved?’ Many of her kind would have been among the whores, but she's worth more than rubies. Some others I know let their beauty get into their head, but she's different, pride takes no place in her.

I'm not saying she's 100% perfect though, all I'm saying is I love her so much that I can't see any flaw. And sometimes I wonder if this is a dream or I'm really experiencing this. Special thanks to you and Pastor Solomon for your prayers: who knows I could have married that girl who tried to ‘jazz’ me or the other one who kept lying to me. I wish I had not made the many wrong choices I've made before I met her, yet I thank God for the lessons I learnt.

Do you remember my former girlfriend, Fatimah? She's really giving me a tough time, but for space I would have shared her story. Anyway, I will tell you about her in my next letter. Till I write to you again; bye for now.

Your son,

The Enigmatic

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  1. please my son, i can't wait to read your next letter. i am already begining to imagine what happened!
    too much sir!