Monday, November 14, 2011

STILL MY SON! (Poem For The Prodigal Child)

I knelt down and I wept
How on earth did I miss it?
Fixing the blame is not worth it
Cos am old enough to bear grudges
I’d rather die than cower in losses
Fooling myself to stick to my homies
When actually I’m lost to the worldlies

In all my years of wondering
I’ve seen things beyond numberings
Thinking my eyes were opening
Not knowing my lights were getting dimly
Yet never suspecting the stinging fowl-play
After all papa never gave a sign in weary
Now this scares the hell out of my being
For the silence alone is more than I can bear
If only He’d tell me to still be still
And let me know I’m still a son
I’d never trade it for silver spoons

So I’m kneeling in my repentant heart
Hoping papa will hear my heart cry
To at least forgive my trespasses
To make me content-even if I die
And give me hope for life after death
If I have the grace to say this to my son
I’d tell him how papa forgave me
To let him know how to let go offences

Son, though I speak like a man who lost all hopes
I know that hope is never gone
Cos true fathers never give up on sons
Since the blood we share is thicker than water
And the destiny we share folly could not thwart
Though in physical we may look frail
But in the spirit we manifest like fire
Giving us assurance when we fall astray
That no matter how far we’ve gone from our source
God is always willing to welcome us home

(w) 26.10.11. 9:20-9:35am

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