Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A friend of mine once said, “A writer has no secret...” and really that statement makes me wonder if I should do this or not. But this weekend (22nd October) I will be hitting my 30th birthday and I want to do something different. Even up till this moment I’m pondering if I should post this note or not, but if I did, it means you are seeing 30 personal things about me on my 30th birthday: Here we go...

  1. I am a writer... I guess you know that already.
  2. My childhood ambition was to become a soldier (military intelligence unit to be precise)
  3. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than the presence of God
  4. I am an Estate Surveyor
  5. Had a 7 track musical album in 2004 that had some airplay in RayPower, Premier fm, and one Abuja station
  6. I focus more on acting and writing because personal study shows my high strength there
  7. Acted in 2 Christian movies... (But I neva see d cd o.)
  8. Self published a book in 2009 called Recovered Generation
  9. I have never had a girl who knows how to cook more than me
  10. Though girls flock around me, I’ve had only 5 relationships in my lifetime, and I don’t double date
  11. I love Ghana, South Africa, and Canada... Aside Nigeria I wouldn’t mind living there
  12. I don’t get angry easily but when I do it boils like fire
  13. When I focus on something I do it like there is nothing else in the world
  14. Was offered a job if I change to Islam after NYSC and I said NO!
  15. I like anything creative, in fact anything inspires me
  16. There is hardly anywhere I go to that people don’t trust me
  17. It takes me a while to decide, but once I do it takes only God to make me go back
  18. When I pray God hears
  19. I don’t joke with dreams
  20. My favourite number is “7”
  21. My favourite colour is white
  22. My favourite soup is pepper soup
  23. My favourite sport is Chess or football... but I’m no pro in either. Lol.
  24. My favourite drink is anything Lemon
  25. I gave my life to Christ in 1993
  26. I got Holy Ghost baptised in 2001 and water baptised in 2005
  27. I don’t like politics
  28. I don’t like people who lack integrity
  29. I have about 1000 unpublished poems, numerous articles, and short story collections.
  30. I could do crazy stuffs at times, but I never take them as habit. i.e., I jumped fence/sneaked out of school in my JSS but stopped it myself, I tasted cigarette a cousin gave but later told him I can never be a smoker, I tried stout/beer too when mocked that I couldn’t but told them it’s not my nature... all these were over ten years ago.
I must give kudos to Myne Whitman whose recent blog post encouraged me to do this. Maybe when I get to 40th birthday I will do ‘40 Things About Me on My 40th Birthday’. Lol.

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