Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Jonathan was born
To become the King
We’ve never really had one
More deserving
To earn our yells so loud
Give us a king! Give us a King!

But our king will loot us
Rape us and enslave us
He will become a sly one
Wisdom of a snake; Gentle as a dove
His beauty will tempt our desires
And we will cry when he sits before us
Give us a king! Give us a king!

It was the cry we made
Not minding the doom we faced
If Jonathan does not become king
Perhaps, our David would have come
But he keeps wandering about
Running, for want of safety
While the king-makers made us see
Only Jonathan could be our song
Give us a king! Give us a king!

Now David may never ascend the throne
Our first king wants not a true king
So he fed on all our farmlands
Even sulking our lactating mothers
And when the sit be the only treasure left
He ate the treasure
So even if he dies on the battle field
The new king will never have a throne

He has ruled us on earth
He will rule us in heaven

© The Enigmatic: Olumide Bisiriyu
09.02.15 1:45:2:00pm