Tuesday, May 6, 2014

To The Fattened goddess

I danced
Forgetting my nakedness
In this time I hear no sound
The frenzy of the moment I’d rather glue
Wishing my sight never lost her place
The boobs
The cocks
The lustful sight of demons
All beautiful
With their blurs

I pour libations
To the fattened goddess
She who sucks our manhood dry
Giving no honour to the blood we shed
Labour of our heroes past
She sweeps, everyday
Yet asking us for more
With promises
She would need no more
So some-more she asked
But now we’ve got no more
And then we died
Yet she woke us
Only to kill us

We bow in worship
To the goddess
Who rocks a nation
We kiss the dirt
More than we long for fresh air
For the air itself is polluted
The monkeys now rule in the temple
Guerillas have renovated our walls
Killing our future
While the children
Just complain
Till the tower of babel
Fell on we all

© 1.05.14. 9:00-9:20pm
#BringBackOurGirls #NigerianRevolution