Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today I quit
No longer to be slowly killed
I’d have wanted it to be quicker
But my quota was not yet filled
Though I linger on the queue
I’m proud I finally came clean
Now I can face my own quadrant

It’s cold outside-they quake
Thinking their thoughts ever form a quorum
Quick-hearted they failed
Never thinking me quick-witted
Pushing the Qur’an in front of the Pope
Fakers! Also feign religion
Even to colonised bigots

No caution, I’m forever gone
No longer interested in playing their quiz
Though I’m not afraid of their queries
For to me it’s a quantum leap
That my voice finally came up
And I’m proud I no longer quaver

(w) 30.10.13 5:00-5:20Pm

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