Monday, September 16, 2013


Just like the sun set
The dew disappears
We might run to the mountains
Even deny the pains in our heart
Seared, our hearts bleed
But who will protect us from the falling lava?

Another year has passed
Slowly, but gradually
We stretch for the grave
Where the springs change to the valley
Winters turn to summer
And the water runs dry

Who will protect us from our own?          
Our legacies without an heir
No mother to walk junior home
Our fathers play on the street
Our brothers stab another in the chest
Dirty linens we no longer wash in the closet
Our monument we mock
We’ve dug the well
We’ve played the tune
We’ve even prayed in the synagogue
But our own heart we dig
Who will dare go against the wind?
Who will rescue us from our own mind?

(w) 07.07.13. 9:50-10:00Am


  1. This is really nice...
    A little blemish but well, this is nice. Well done.

    1. Thanks Sueddie. Will inbox u on fb in few minutes.

  2. nice poem i liked it