Monday, December 30, 2013


Dear you...

Just like yesterday, we said ‘Happy 2013’ to one another. Now year 2013 is unto the exit and 2014 comes in. For me I’d say I couldn’t achieve more than 10% of my set goals this year like I did about 99% last year, but I got reasons to thank God- especially because you and I are able to witness this moment.

When I came into this year it was just my wife and I, now we have a boy whose energy alone marvels me. I also have a business that has been my livelihood; a dream I dreamt since graduating from high school. For my land, my car, my Talents, & family, I’m grateful to God. To say I’m counting my blessings would be appropriate for this piece. This year I was able to do many things I dropped years ago, learn new skills, and make new friends. But the biggest joys were the friends whose love and encouragement charged me up to do more. I may not be able to share/tag/mention all of you here but am sure you know I appreciate you.

To say I didn’t have my down times would be ‘inhuman’. I’ve had times I got mad at myself, my friends, family, and few fans. Like when I was hit and my car spanned under a moving trailer only to come out with just a scratch. Or when I wanted to do some stuffs but because of family I changed my mind. And when a few times some colleagues/friends/fans mis-understood my actions and I got furious in my disappointment... they should have known me better. :(

Some of you have encouraged me. Some have discouraged me. Yet some others have done things that made me want to do better. Nevertheless, I want to let you all know you are the reason why I’m moving on. Without friends, colleagues, associates, family, fans, etc, I don’t know if you will even hear anything about me today. So for all your support on EGC blog, EGC Media, EGC Properties, Be Blessed, 31 Days of Poetry, Order sms, my write-ups, performances, little films I featured in, The Enigmatic brand, and every detail of my life I want to say ‘Thank you’ to you all... My family, My Mentors, My ETM crew, My Clients, fellow Poets, Critics, CFAAN, and the lists I could not mention here.

Thank you.
Yours in creativity,

Enigmatic Olumide.


  1. Marvelous, eloquent. Thank you sir for sending me this ezquisite greeting message. Happy New and Prosperous Year to you too

  2. You are always welcome Bro *Hugs* good to know we both made it to 2014 together in good health.... Thanks to God