Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Dear Enigmatic,

I hope you are enjoying your old age? How is your lovely wife, your children and your grand kids? Yeah, I know you are laughing now; the rate at which those kids do everything with technology and intelligence baffles you. In our own days you didn’t even know how to use a computer till you left secondary school, now a nursery school pupil can create software. The world has really changed.

I hope you still discipline your children o? Please don’t mind those governments who insist you must not punish your children when they behave badly, they are the problem of the world today. Find ways to discipline them effectively, because even the Bible says “He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him chastens him early.” (Proverbs 13:24)

I would also advice you to take more time to rest now. Don’t do all those things you used to do, because your age can no longer take them. (I remember when you went on a 7 days non-stop rehearsal in school, during a marathon fast, and you joined the football team immediately afterwards) Please don’t do that now; we want you to last longer before we hear of obituary o! Try getting competent hands to oversee your creative programs, your farms, and your estates. I’m sure your first son will be good for this.

I heard you’ve now become an activist. Keep up the good work brother, I’ve always known you can’t stand down and let the poor people be oppressed. I’m even thinking you will become the president of Nigeria someday. Yeah, I know you don’t like politics, but its people like you that Nigeria needs: men of integrity who are not afraid to sacrifice their comfort for the greater good of all. Now don’t tell me it’s too late to join politics, after all former president (Goodluck Jonathan) never believed he could buy a shoe in his entire life yet he became the president of Nigeria. The only problem with him was that he almost made we all “shoe-less” when he bought his shoes. I’m sure your own case will not be like that.

Finally, keep using your creative skills to lead people to the righteous path. I read your last novel and saw the movie you acted with that Australian actor. I must confess that I’m very impressed with your level of imagination. They say brains diminish at old age, but yours is different, it only gets better… Till we meet at the coming of the Lord, please keep writing.

Your younger self,

Olumide Bisiriyu