Thursday, September 13, 2012

31 DAYS OF POETRY... Intro to 2012 Edition

Hi people,

Last year I did a 31 Days daily post of Poetry on my facebook wall and I bet if you were aware of it you would agree with me that it was fun. The high point for me then were the messages I got when (due to some tight schedule) I missed a day (Did I just say a day? I missed another one!). I never knew people were reading it that much! Since then Some friends have been asking when the 2012 Edition of 31 Days of Poetry will come. Lol.

Here it comes... Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your "heartbeats" as I present to you the 2012 edition of 31 Days of Poetry.

This year, it's going to be done in a different way: It's not going to be done on facebook, it's going to be on a blog I created to contribute to the works of fellow Talented people called EGC. And most importantly, it's going to be 31 DAYS OF POETRY From various Nigerian Poets!

But before then, click to enjoy 31 Days of Poetry done in year 2011.

Day 1- One Fire
Day 2- In The Sand Of Time
Day 3- Mission Impossible
Day 4- Checkmate
Day 5- I Can Hear A Song
Day 6- Magical
Day 7- Soldier Go Soldier Come
Day 8- The Battle Within
Day 9- My 5050 Girl
Day 10- I Still See
Day 11- The Thin Red
Day 12- Inner Chambers Of Love
Day 13- Phone Call
Day 14- ...Well, the first day I missed. :(
Day 15- Teach Me How To Love You
Day 16- A Price To Die For
Day 17- Poetic Window
Day 18- Kissing On The Alter
Day 19- Carve Me A Wife
Day 20- The Point Of No Return
Day 21- The Last day I missed. :(
Day 22- Nobody
Day 23- To The Ones We Lost
Day 24- Tear Me Apart
Day 25- Smooth Criminal
Day 26- Kiss Me Again
Day 27- The Wind Of Love
Day 28- Worship
Day 29- Legend
Day 30- Writer's Passion
Day 31- The End