Friday, September 2, 2011


Typically, in African tradition, when a woman is unable to get pregnant, they usually adopt the child of a family member or a friend for her to train same, hoping that such gesture will appease God and He will make her get pregnant sooner. Though most Africans disdain adoption, what they do by training the child of another could still be said to be adoption. Ruminating on that in recent times makes me to remember the story of Hagar: the slave girl whom Sarah, Abraham’s wife gave to her husband to sleep with her so she could bear a child for her.

But before I get deep, take note that I’m not talking about child bearing alone: I meant to shed light on every areas of your life that could be likened to dreams/expectations. Take for instance, in the place where I work, when I was first transferred from Development to Marketing department the fear of everybody was that I may not be able to sell because of my “reserved” personality. One colleague who is always antagonising me started declaring my doom. Some colleagues even offered to sell and say it is me that sold... But before they did, I sold!

When did I sell? It was after a closer colleague told me to adopt few sells that belongs to another colleague who was often concerned about my unhappiness since I have not sold... It makes me to think more about the “Principles of Adoption”; permit me to call it “The Hagar principle”. No matter your dream, what you expect, or where you always want to be, if you adopt another person’s success your success will no longer be delayed!

What am I saying? “Bad belle does nobody any good.” Celebrate others, and very soon, you too will be celebrated! Oh: I feel like a prophet right now: God’s promise upon you is that at an appointed time, you shall have what you desire! Remember the account of Sarah, “… At this time I will come and Sarah shall have a son." (Romans 9:9). Just like that I feel He’s telling you through this post, “(Key in the spirit and believe God for a time) at that appointed time God will come and you shall have what you desire!”

(Watch out for part two)

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  1. Hmmmm. The Hagar Principle. Olumide! Olumide!! Olumide o!!! How many times did I call u? You are destined for greatness. His grace over u shall increase.
    Truly, its not by our measure but by his grace and mercy and timing.