Thursday, September 8, 2011

HAGAR! (Part Two)

You may probably think I will talk about celebrating others to get what you desire, again, in this part two. NO. But I guess you need to read this too:

Are you surprised that conspiracy later came up in Abraham’s family because of Ishmael at all? For fourteen years Ishmael was seen as the future heir of Abraham. And when Isaac came, the plot was to send the mistake child out! But that was the beginning of the problem for the whole world today (i.e. terrorism). You don’t commit a mistake, then cast it out and pretend nothing was initially wrong. It’s only a matter of years, that mistake could haunt you down. Treat it well, accept your mistake, don’t ignore it, but manage it. However in the process don’t let it drag you down and prevent you from moving up in life. I believe that is another lesson we should learn from Hagar’s story.

Hay, God called Abraham His own friend! Yet he made a mistake of sleeping with a woman he shouldn’t have slept with and not believing God’s promises enough! (Yes, I told you to celebrate the success of others to connect God and get your own in part one; but I will not tell you to do the wrong thing. Abraham was wrong!) You might have fallen. You might have fornicated and have a baby. You might have stolen or kill someone before... But does pretending it has never happened help you? NO! Admit you are wrong and proceed to correct your ways! Because if you chase that Ishmael out, it will come back at you in the future!

If Hagar had been allowed to stay, at least Ishmael could have married from his father’s clan and not from Egypt; maybe that could have checked him a bit and tame his “animalistic behaviour”, and eventually prevent all the killings and terrorism all over the world today. (Genesis 21:21).

Finally, if I could blame anybody for the whole mess, I will blame Sarah who made Abraham sleep with Hagar and eventually cast her and her son out when she finally had her own baby. But I would not because she was just being human, and it is in the nature of human’s to err. All I would say is, don’t give your mistakes the wings to fly, admit their existence, but manage them!

(Have you read part one? Please do... and Watch out for Part three)

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