Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Dear love,

How are you and everything about you? It has been a long time since we really shared with each other and I hope to hear from you soon.

However, I am wondering about your attitude lately and it gives me concern about your intentions. Is your heart still with me or your heart is far away? Pardon me if I am too blunt, but I’m tired of ladies who get so close to me just because they want to get married. Yeah; I want to get married too, but shouldn’t our relationship be because we love each other and not because we “just want to settle down”?

Your friends say you love me; that is why you lie to me. But I disagree, because if I can’t trust you now, how on earth are my going to trust you when we are married?

You asked me to be myself. And now that I am being myself, you compare me with the other guys you have had. If all is well, how come you are no longer with those guys and now you are with me? The most saddening of all is the way you frown when you now know I am not as rich as you think. If all you want is a husband that will lavish money on you, I am sorry I’m not for you; after all I am still hustling. And I can’t rob a bank just to keep you with me.

It is with a heart full of grieve that I write this to you. Yet I plead forgiveness if I am too harsh with this. In all my wonderings I will never for once neglect your good qualities. You are a beauty to behold and a rare gem among women. And I believe that someday you will understand the reason why I wrote this letter to you.

Yours Sincerely,

*Mr Lover*

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  1. Was this a fiction or a true letter? i LEARNT FROPM THIS THANKS.