Wednesday, July 3, 2013


If I were the wheat
And you were the shaft
I’d stick to you like glue
To let you know I’m immune
To the banters of men
Who separate boys from men
In their worlds they are sane
Yet they dwindle in delusions
Of things they’re not sure
If boys become men
How then could they be separated?

I see you are gone
With the winds though you smile
At me, you fail in my instincts
You said you’d be gone in November
We’re not even in October
But you’ve gone
Your brothers you’ve forgone
To frolic with your new found friends
In a new state
With those you’ve only known tonight
Leaving us, only to mourn your leaving
If you were dead it’d be no gain
I’d rather see you leave in betrayal

Now we’re even
I wasn’t there but I heard
What you said about my friends
You dislike them but I understand
Birds of a feather flock together
Noting your kind was a good start
Being you is another task
But by the time you understand this
I’d be gone
May be at the place we’ve all prayed
Sharing bread with the folks you rejected
Yet ready
With open arms to welcome you home

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holding at UI ZOO Ibadan on 13th July 2013. Start time is 1:00Pm.

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