Wednesday, June 5, 2013


With my crown added to her collection
Religion could not even bear her pose
She turns
And I see a backside as in movies
Such that could make me delete my girls
Even if I format my skull
I’m sure it’d make no effect on my addiction

Was the joy I derive in her arms
Like Delilah
I knew I’ve slept with the killer of my dreams
Yet on her breasts I lay my head
Hoping never to find a better pillow
Tried as they may
Friends fail to make me awake
Leaving me to snore away my grace

I wake on the other side of life
Facing the doom of my folly
Not wanting out of my confusion
Though I’d pray for a last minute grace
I wouldn’t mind to die in this state

Bereaved. I cried.
At the replay of my days
Knowing this could have been a better play
But the love of the world became my fate
Now I see me in folly
The riches.The fame.The nonsense.
All beautiful without a gain

(w) 30.05.13. 10:55-11:05Am


  1. Lovin that pic!...and your words are beautiful...

  2. Powerfully told story, well-crafted words. Your poem surely deserves another read.