Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hi Amanda,

Trust you had a great trip back to Lagos last week.

On behalf of my fiancee and I, I want to say we really appreciate all the energy you are putting into making our wedding a success. I marvel at the way you plan everything as if it's your own wedding. But I have few issues Amanda:

I think we are over-spending and it's giving me serious concern. There is always something to spend on, I know, but please consider my pocket. Now that it seems like I have exhausted all my savings, don't you think we should slow down a bit?

In fact, I must confess I have considered postponing the wedding on few occassions. But for family and well wishers, I would have done it. Nevertheless, I feel they seem to be dreaming of a lavish wedding without donating to the course yet. Now I see why uncle Jide always run away where they discuss weddng: it's not because he couldn't propose to a girl, no, he has a lot of them; truth is the cost of planning a wedding alone is much higher than the cost of feeding the new couple for a year in our African tradition. And most times people spend all they have on wedding alone (just one day) only to stuggle for Survival in the remaining days of the year.

Lastly, I like your idea that we should rent a limousine for the wedding, but please (You have read my ordeal) I don't think I'm strong enough to rob a bank because I want to get married. I know I can't ride okada or keke Napep to the wedding, but even if it's my father's old Mercedez Benz 230 that I can use-so be it.

I pray this letter will serve as a reminder to make neccessary amendment...

Thank you for always being there.

Yours in creativity,

The Enigmatic: Olumide Bisiriyu


  1. Nice one guy,I can identify with out for my post on 'DO NOT BORROW FOR YOUR WEDDING' i am sure you will like it and it will still help others as well.
    Well done man,thats good work there.

    1. Thanks bro. Will be washing' out for your post.

  2. Haha. Well said. I totally feel you as I am in the planning process as well.

    1. Lol. That means you must have understood this letter is beyond what I wrote. Thanks.

  3. Bless you sir! Exactly my mind... so truthful. I like it when you said, "the cost of feeding the new couple for a year in our African tradition"... Very profound even though it sounds funny.
    You wonder if getting married or wedding ceremonies are competitions these days. People have lost focus of the essence and not there is so much hype on the ceremony. If I talk about it, people will say its because I am living overseas. Ok oh... May God help us o.

    - LDP

    1. I'm laughing; but that's exactly my point. And I can understand how hard you feel me too (as your own wedding too draws closer). God will help us.
      Thanks bro.

  4. have to eat after the reception.