Monday, June 18, 2012


Beat me and sex me she said
But I concured that her desires were demonic
Wondering why a damsel could only enjoy sex
After a massive round of beating from her lover

'twas a true life story-I do not lie
And I hoped this will culminate into a letter
To the entire world to tell them what I’ve seen
Of a possessed friend whom I found on a mission
Untill she told me in apology what I'm missing
Not knowing I’m more possessed than her in thinking
Traveling long miles just to perform a Poem
Or at other times doing other ministerial works
Putting myself in avoidable danger of some sort
And making me to mix pain with pleasure
Just like her who sees it to be fun
Never thinking she was really possessed
Even after I said it was not normal
But for her the idea was abnormal

Dazed but not defeated; I went back into my shell
Wondering what on earth I could have done
When the desire to perform was like a fire in my bone
Which I could only quench by performing what I write
Her insinuation sound valid though it’s just a musing
Yet I know I am like an employee on a mission
And my performance only sustains my relevance with my maker
If this however means I'm really possessed
Then I'm glad to say I'm possessed for good things

17.06.12. 12:50-1:15Pm

Thank you for reading. To my followers on The Ghost of Aro story, please stay tuned, the story will be continued on a better platform after a while. However, please Click to see my Performance Poem on Naija Poetry Slam.


  1. Yes o! Me too I'm possessed by the desire to fulfill the mission for which I am sent! I love that part, "I know I am like an employee on a mission... And my performance only sustains my relevance with my maker"

    Awesome read!

    Bless you sir.

    - LDP