Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Some days ago I made a post/broadcast on facebook/BBm asking people to tell me sincerely, “If people like Daddy Adeboye, Papa Oyedepo, and others are considered to be Generals in God’s army. And we all are in God’s army as Christians. What Rank do you think you will be?”

Well, some answered sincerely. Some others either answered in humility or overrated themselves. Some even bluffed it off, saying we should not give ourselves rank as Christians. Hmmm. The truth is we are not giving ourselves ranks: you don’t go out from here and start saying, for instance, “I am Colonel Aminu Shola Chuwudi in God’s army!” It may sound crazy!

I came up with a Christian analogy of Ranks in the army with their criterion below based on a fair knowledge of the army. But before then take note, the Bible says, “The Spirit itself bears witness that we are sons of God!” (Romans 8:16). Also take note that the Bible made reference to Christians as soldiers in many places, i.e. 2 Timothy 2:3-4 (Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus… No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs), 1 Corinthians 9:7 (Who serves as a soldier at his own expense...), etc. In that case wouldn’t you agree with me that as Christians we could be likened to soldiers? Common, let’s play this spiritual race check; be Bold; Tell me what Rank you think you fit among the following. However take note, to meet a higher Rank you must have met the lower Rank too:

·         Junior Ranks
1.       Private: Little knowledge of Bible; No Rank.
2.       Lance Corporal: Been around for a while. Participates in religious activities randomly.
3.       Corporal: Active Christian. A worker in his/her Church or ministry.
4.       Sergeant: Very active Christian. Leads small groups.
5.       Staff Sergeant: Accomplished in some religious assignments. Leads complicated groups.
6.       Warrant Officer: Experienced in religious activities. Could lead any assignment above.
7.       Master Warrant Officer: Steadfast and Faithfull. Sees to effective running of religious activities.

·         Officers
1.       2nd Lieutenant: Could balance well between sinners and saint world. A teacher on religious matters.
2.       Lieutenant: Articulate. Controls challenging situations. Does less talk but more action.
3.       Captain: Effective and impactful. Experienced in proper running of religious activities.
4.       Major: Persistent and hardworking. Coordinates and solves problems on religious activities.
5.     Lieutenant Colonel: Sees what the other officers can’t see. A die-hard worker of the gospel.

·         Staff Officers
1.       Colonel: Coordinator of major religious works. Knows God and God know him or her, with physical manifestations.
2.       Brigadier General: Dexterous and fire full. A fountain of religious knowledge.
3.       Major General: A High achiever on religious matters. An agent of large scale revolution.
4.     Lieutenant General: Leader of Leaders. Commander to even the devil. Could avert impending doom with ease.
5.       General: Someone whose heart is sold out to God. Even the devil fears him/her!
NOTE: To all my buddies who told me their own Rank is “Field Marshal”; Well. I’m sorry to say the only one we have is Jesus the Messiah. He is not dead yet. So there is no vacancy!


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