Friday, September 23, 2011


A friend was sharing recently about how he had to leave the presence of his family to go out and cry on the day he saw an incidence that pained him in his family. Well, his point was that they see him as the spiritual leader of the family and it would not be proper for them to see him cry during such occurrence. I bet that if you are African you will understand this: “Strong men don’t cry!” And of course, “leaders are not supposed to let their followers see their weakness; if they do-they lose respect!”

I could give instances of my close allies where a leader told his followers about his challenges and they began to withdraw in following him. (Does that mean those who didn’t tell their followers their challenges don’t have any problem? Certainly not). Everybody have their own kind of problem, and until you say it or show it nobody knows.

Now another African adage says, “If you cover your problem you will suffer alone.” Does it mean, then, that leaders are meant to suffer alone? An account was given in John 11:35 that “Jesus wept”. While some Bible scholars will tell you it is because Jesus loved Lazarus, I’d say he only showed he doesn’t hide his emotions. Now my last question is this: “If indeed we are followers of Christ, can we openly shed our tears to our followers?”

(I bet you’d have your own opinion)

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