Thursday, July 28, 2011


We all gathered with enthusiasm, knowing fully well that we were dealing with an international Christian organization, four young men whom our referrer described as very committed Christians. Then the representative of the organization surprised we all. His first question was, “Who was the mother of Timothy?”

Everybody before me failed the answer. I saw this confident look in the eyes of our referrer that I will get it... But without racking my brain for long I had to confess to the man, “I can’t remember her name!”

Just as the man was not surprised that we all failed the answer on that day, I am not surprised that people still take people for granted these days. Ask us about those in the fore front of battles in the Bible and we would not blink before we tell you; but ask about those who did (even remarkable) underground works and we might stammer. Likewise, in organizations, both religious and secular, people tend to forget those who are not in the fore front easily. But does it mean they are useless? Certainly No!

It’s like a football game: everybody cannot be the striker who scores the goal. But it doesn’t mean the mid-fielders, defenders or goal keepers are useless. Your own case may even be like some of these people who can still score goals, but you are discouraged because you are looked down upon as not being able to spring such surprises. Ha ha, it’s time to tell yourself that you are not as useless as they think. You don’t need to tell them if they are deluded in their myopic mind to think you are useless, all you need is the faith in yourself that you are a vessel for specific purpose/time. What are they even talking about? A German goal keeper named Oliver Kahn has won FIFA golden ball award (best player in 2002 FIFA world cup) before. If a goal keeper can get what is normally achieved by strikers, then you too can, no matter the role you play where you are.

Remember 2 Timothy 2:20? “But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth…” The fact that you are not gold doesn’t mean you are not a vessel. Every vessel is meant for a specific occasion/guest. Using the wrong vessel for the wrong assignment still makes it nonsense, no matter how beautiful the vessel is. Do you get it? No matter how good a striker is, making him play the role of a goal keeper still doesn’t make sense. He might have the skills of scoring, but it doesn’t mean he has the skills of catching the ball. Likewise for a goal keeper! If where you are is a “great house” like it is said in that scripture then they would know you are not entirely useless. If they don’t know (it is their own cup of tea) you just know you are not useless!

By the way, Timothy’s mother’s name was Eunice. And she was responsible for bringing him up in the ways of the Lord. Timothy eventually became the first Bishop of Ephesus, after being handpicked by Apostle Paul to work with him because of what he possessed. If she had not played her role well, do you think Timothy would have been able to attain this height the way he did? Once again, keep focus on your role in life, and disregard people’s negative image about you; you are not entirely useless!

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