Tuesday, October 6, 2015


My heart is a den of ions
With each sparkle their charge I breathe
No; your charge I mean
Like the twist in the name-Oliver
Never ever leaving this insatiable state
Though never stopping my eye-state prostitution

For you,
I will become the wind
Fly with you over the mountains
To land, and then land in the sea
I want to drown with you in the ocean
With me in you I am certain of wetness

We could become the water bodies
And make ourselves the man-made mermaids
Our aquatic supply shall become a source
To the aphrodisiac mammals, to make them gods
And back on land we will turn into fire
To soften the iron hearts; to make them love
Their eyes shall only see the million sparkles of our love-making
There and then their hormones will kiss hypnosis

I know this love is in desire for adventures
But every day I want to be buried in your earth
Another planet fills me with no satisfaction
Even the white lava of my volcano
Settles no better with the landing you give
Hence, the burden I bring I plead you carry
For this love can never rest in peace
Unless it is buried in the cave found in your earth

This love is a drug abuse
It will keep me high for a while
But I will come again for another dose
This love can never satisfy me
Yet this love is the only one that appeases me

© EnigmaTic Olumide
10-08-15 2:45-3:00PM