Monday, October 29, 2012


I’m a born writer
I created the villain
As well as the victor
I’m like a God of a sort
Cos out of my head comes wellsprings of life

I’m a born writer
To study
Not only for money
Was always found in my kind
I could stay awake like an owl in the night
With my folks wondering if I couldn’t sleep at night
But I’d rather lose sleep
Than to lose ideas on a night’s rest

I’m a born writer
But my critics could not fathom my kind
Laid back, they thought I was made blank
Blabbing about their hearts like a race bike
But I’d rather keep mum to make my brain high
Till I spill…
Even the last book of a drained brain

I’m a born writer
Been writing since I was a toddler
Little wonder
They marvel at my love life
Of how I coin words or how I woo them
I don’t know

But I’m a born writer
Of a clan that never says die
They tried but they failed to stop me
And they never knew
If I don’t write
… I lose my mind!

(w) 26.10.12. 12:35-12:45pm

(Guess I've been away from here for a while. Lol. Sure you know it was because of 31 Days Of Poetry. It's been an exciting time sharing poetry from 31 Nigerian Poets. If you're not following it I'm sure you're missing something, so please click the link above now. Also please Click here to Vote The Enigmatic in Nigerian Blog Awards 2012 as 'Best Personal Blog'. I'm counting on you. Cheers!)  


  1. A born writer, a born author, a born actor, a born leader........... Keep putting pen on paper Sir. When I grow up, I wanna be like you

    1. Lol. Thanks for making my head to swell sir. :)

  2. It's good to be a writer and I am happy to be one. Lovely piece....
    welcome back, Enigma

  3. Nice piece bro, the lord will continue to inspire you.. Amen

  4. Lovely piece :) keep it up!
    Please take a look at my blog