Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I once jumped fence in high school with my buddies in class
Though mingling with the bad guys was not within my style
So I enjoyed the times we ran and we were never caught
But really being bad could sometimes be said to be fun
Nevertheless I do not pray my sons emulate me in this kind of life

I once had a girlfriend who ate all my pay
She never believed she wasn’t worth the pain
Saying a pretty girl like her could tamper with any man’s brain
‘til the day I told her I have exhausted my stay
And so I left her to be with another that could worth my days
Ugly was the situation when she told me her pains
Claiming she was after my pay but now she found me a saint
that now she has fallen in love and no longer want my pay
But really there was no need to cry cos I have made up my mind

I once did something bad and I regretted my ways
Like when I diverted the money I was told to keep for God
Sake of my people who felt the need to use it for fun
But when the problem came they all vanished in the storm
Never believing they were the core cause that led me astray
Now I see why it was necessary not to dig in His funds
For His jealousy didn’t stop at worshiping other gods alone

I once played politics with a dear friend of mine
Claiming I got his back when my loyalty was swayed
Yet I became the nemesis that unseat his reign
Just because I knew he was not fit for the nasty throne he so covets
Now I run away from politics yet they all bid me to come
Not knowing I’ve tasted power and I’ve seen how it corrupts
Wonder why they think they can lead me with their blinded eyes
Better tell them I’m a knight and not a pawn in this feisty game

I claim no trophies for these-rather I cover my eyes
They are the bad things I’ve done and I hope I met your heart
Making it to have compassion for this repentant state of mine
If only I could- I wish to reverse the times
So I could show you how much I want to make things aright

(w) 26.08.12. 5:00-5:30pm


  1. This is great. It is a pity that one cannot change the past. But i love this. Seems am beginning to love your write ups. Will you be my mentor?

    1. Ha ha ha ha. Mentor ke? That's a joke... But thanks alot. Your comments inspire me to do more. :)