Monday, August 13, 2012


The date was 10th August 2012. When I woke up I only had the mind to go to work and come back; my normal routine. But I eventually found myself attending RCCG’s Convention at Redemption camp around 5pm. When I got there I had this mind just to walk to the extreme and sit down. I did. But this other mind insisted I walk to the back of alter. I did. And I sat down there to pray, yet this other mind said, “That is not the back of alter, walk further.”

After passing the actual back of alter a bit, and walking back not knowing where I’d actually sit, there I saw what my other mind wanted me to see… a crippled man selling books on his wheel chair.

Initially I passed him, but this other mind insisted I buy a copy. I bought “Fulfilling Your Destiny in Grand Style.” This was when the real message came to me: I was given a lead by my other mind to do something, but for the odds I refused, or should I say postponed (apologies to those who may not understand what I mean). See the truth was, I held back because I kept hearing from close pals that the place I was to go was too dry (even when I had confirmations), until my other mind started giving me nightmares that forced me to take a step. Now here was a cripple from the same place doing almost the same thing, selling his self published books.

When I turned back to buy that book, it was like the man was saying to me, “My crippled legs are better than yours!” And I know if you have a vision and you are yet to start it that same cripple will be telling you same thing right now. Dear reader, your other mind might have told you to do something in line with the fulfillment of your destiny and you’ve been feeling like ‘a chicken who just spotted knife on a Christmas day’, get up, brace up, and do what you are supposed to do. Remember faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).

However, I didn’t say there won’t be challenges, even if you obey your other mind: one thing is sure, no challenge can ever overcome a God given vision, especially when the passion has been in you all these while.


  1. So true. Nice one, Enigmatic. God will continue to strengthen you.

  2. hmnnnn this is highly challenging, more grace sir