Wednesday, May 30, 2012


When Yinka woke up around 9pm, he thought the white girl was gone. He was so fagged out from the fun he had with her that it took him some moments to come out of the bed. Sluggishly, he stepped out of the bed, put on his boxers, and headed for the kitchen to take some cold beer from the fridge. That was when he noticed she was still around; looking relaxed on a chair while watching the TV like it was her own matrimonial home. She was almost as naked as she was in bed, even in her mini skirt and her tube-like top. Yinka couldn’t stop the playback of what they just had that was coming to his head.
“Hey Kiki,” Yinka called. “I thought you were gone.”
“I thought you black men are stronger in bed,” She chose not to answer. “If we had to do this again, you may need to improve on what you did today.”
“Are you kidding?” Yinka exclaimed. “After those exhaustive five rounds you still tell me I need to improve?”
By now Cyprian and Elechi must have been around, he knew. But they could not enter the apartment because they knew the white lady should still be with him. They must have seen her car at the car park. He had to do something, at least to know if the girl wants to sleep over or not. That will help him to know what to tell his friends on phone. He desperately wanted to know how the meeting in the office went, but he also didn’t want to let the white girl go. She was too sweet with him on bed.
He sat beside Kiki, who was already sipping her own chilled canned beer too. A cigarette also hung on her mouth throwing out some light smoke like she was a chimney. He didn’t know how to start his conversation; somehow, there was something about this girl that looked different. It made him have a mixed feeling; fear and excitement.
“Em... I... Em” Yinka couldn’t find the words.
But Kiki helped him, “I knew about you before I came to Nigeria”
That help only shocked him. He suddenly developed more fear. But he managed to feign a smile.
“What are you talking about? Are you some princess who came to Nigeria to look for some Prince charming or you are the female version of Eddie Murphy who now came to Nigeria to look for a husband?”
“Though I’m British,” She seemed to have the habit of not repeating herself. “I am from Haiti. My family has a voodoo business going on there.”
He jumped off the chair. The canned beer dropped off his hand. This doesn’t sound good. It seemed his fear was taking the upper hand from the excitement.
“My Dad has been monitoring Aro for years.” Though she didn’t pronounce it well, Yinka knew it was the same Arowolo she was talking about. “We need your help!”
“This doesn’t make sense.... I mean, you are white!”
“Being white doesn’t mean we don’t have our own voodoo. As a matter of fact, voodoo of the western world is stronger than that of Africa.”
Staggered, he walked to one of the chair opposite Kiki and sat down. Pretending to be brave yet freezing inside. His major fear was that what Kiki wanted might lead to the end of his life. So the money was a fluke anyway, Arowolo only wanted him to enjoy the last days of his life. He must have seen this coming.
Kiki just smiled. Somehow he thought she was reading his mind.
“Okay,” She went straight to where she stopped not showing any concern for his fears. “The man you thought was just a ghost is no longer just a ghost Yinka: he is fast becoming a god.”
Even with the fearful cold chill running down his spine, he still looked at Kiki in such a way that said, “You must be out of your mind.”
“But how does this concern me?”
“You helped free his powers. You are going to help us tame it back.”
“I will help you.” She said calmly. “The *** I had with you was to fortify you. Aro will find it difficult to kill you.”
“And you are not going to do it alone this time.” She paused to look around. “Your friends will help you. I know they are around now. And I know you don’t keep secrets from them.”
“How do you expect me to convince them for such a dangerous mission? How are my even sure you are real? I didn’t feel any different from what I felt when I had *** with you than what I felt with other girls, yet you said you fortified me. You may even be some scammer for all I care. NO! I don’t want to hear this anymore. Enough!”
Kiki was shocked inexplicably. She never expected Yinka to say that. But she was not discouraged.
“Okay. Okay. I guess I don’t have to speak anymore. You will see the signs.”
She rose without saying any more and adjusted her mini skirt and her tube-like top. She picked her car key from the table and she exit.

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