Monday, May 7, 2012

THE GHOST OF ARO (Episode 2)

“So tell me Yinka, how do you feel being here?” Arowolo finally gave him attention. Not hindered, the girls continued what they were doing.
“Ah...” He couldn’t get the words out on time. “I think I want to get to heaven!”
Aro’ laughed aloud. “Heaven?” The word seemed to sound like sour soup in his mouth. “Young man, you don’t enjoy good things like this if you want to go to heaven…”
“Then I want to go to hell!”
Aro’ laughed again; this time so hard that the two girls who were playing with his body began to giggle harder than they were doing before. He knew being a job seeker; Yinka would say anything to impress him. He didn’t mean what he said but he would go to hell indeed with the way he said that.
One of the girls left Aro’s side and sat beside Yinka.
He prayed in his mind, “Jesus, I know I am a sinner, but please don’t let this people drag me to hell.”
When the girl planted her first kiss on Yinka’s lips, the prayers evaporated:  It tasted like drinking a mixture of honey with evaporated milk, and he wanted to drink more. He kissed her back. But he couldn’t go further when Aro’ stopped her.
“Young man,” Aro’ said smiling to the girl who now relocated to his side and continued what she was doing. “If you want to enjoy what you just tasted, even for a period longer than this, you have to make your own money.”
“I am ready to do whatever job you give me sir.”
“What if this job takes your life?”
“Then I’d know I died trying to live a good life.”
“Good.” Aro’ said, not hiding the fact that he was impressed.
The girls stopped playing with his body while he brought out an old rusted key from his pocket and handed it over to Yinka.
“I gave you my car to drive while coming here. Did you bring it?”
“Yes sir.”
“Okay. You can use the car while you are on this job; though I can assure you that you will be rich enough to buy your own soon.” He said with utmost seriousness. “Drive down to bar beach now. Someone dressed in black and wearing a mask will be waiting to take you through the next stage of the job.”
Yinka’s legs almost failed him as he began to leave his presence. He had to feign bravery out of the fear that gripped him.
“And Yinka,”
Yinka looked back wishing he would tell him he was only joking. “If you don’t want this job I can act as if we never talked about it. You can give me the key now. If you want it, you’ll have more than enough money to spend. I’m sure you know there is a price to pay for every form of achievement.”
After spending five post graduate years without a job, Yinka knew this could be an opportunity of a lifetime. He didn’t know what the job entails yet. Though he feared it might be a dirty job, he made up his mind to do it.

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